How I am conquering my fear of driving – Part 2

A few weeks ago I began to think about driving my car again.

What were the things that were stopping me?

Was there somewhere I felt I could get in the car and drive to?

What else could I do to get in my car on my own and drive?

I worked out that there were a number of routes in our village that were tricky to navigate. There was a narrow road with lots of parked cars, a hump-backed bridge, a road prone to flooding, speed bumps, cyclists and then the joining of a dual carriageway. Not particularly great for a nervous driver!

Although there is no logic to my thinking, I felt that if I was dropped with my car at my parents’ house, I would be able to drive back home. However, the thought of driving the other way filled me with dread.

I decided I needed to try to do something and worked out if I could drive in the evenings when the roads were quiet that might help me build my confidence. I also thought I should try to take the car out as many times a week as possible so I was using it regularly.

And so my driving project began….

The first night I did a circuit of the village.

The second night I did a couple of circuits.

The third night a little further to the supermarket and back.

The fourth night I made it to the village next to ours.

The fifth night was extremely successful as I ventured to the dual carriageway and over to another neighbouring village.

If Jack and I are out somewhere in the evening, I have also taken the opportunity to drive home.

Whilst I am still not ready to jump in the car and drive anywhere at any time, I can feel my confidence beginning to increase. My ultimate goal is to be able to drive myself to choir each week so that’s what I’m working on right now.

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