How to start a project to find a purpose

Although it might take some time to establish a new project for me to find a purpose, I have had to start somewhere and so a few weeks ago I began to think about things I enjoy doing. To begin with my mind was blank but after a while, all sorts of things came flooding back to me and slowly some ideas began to form.

I remembered that I enjoy writing. Many years ago I wrote a guidebook on how to save money when planning a wedding which I managed to get published. The publishers then asked me to write a second book, a more substantial wedding planning book, which I did.

I had started to document our story of adopting but as that ground to a halt I had stopped making notes.

I was talking to Jack about creating a blog but not being sure what I should write about and his suggestion was to write about what was happening to me right now. The result of this conversation is this blog.

I also remembered that I enjoy learning new skills. During our adoption journey as I was constantly waiting, I was too nervous to commit to anything substantial just in case we were matched with a child. I did attend many 1 day/half day workshops and learnt various skills such as cupcake making, bread baking and sewing with a machine which I really enjoyed. I still use many of these skills now.

I thought about my work and how in many of my recent freelance contracts I had used copywriting skills as part of my role but had never had any formal training in this area. I searched for courses and found an interesting looking distance learning course which I have enrolled on and will also provide me with a qualification at the end of it.

Alongside copywriting and blogging, I am also interested in learning more about social media and new forms of communication so thought I would add that to my list of new skills to acquire. I discovered the Apple store runs many short workshops (1-2 hours) in all manner of subject areas. I have attended one on photography where we walked around the city centre and took photos and then edited them. I also did a workshop on making short videos.

All these things have been really enjoyable to do and have given me something to focus on. I’m feeling motivated to seek out something for me to engage with so at the moment I think have to keep going with what I am doing and see where it takes me.

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