An unexpected turn……

A few months after we had been approved as adopters, we were still quietly waiting for something to happen.

Jack got a bonus with his salary that month and decided to spend it on a private medical health check as it was something he had thought about for a while. At the end of the session, he was told by the doctor that he was in good health and could go home and celebrate.

A few days later he received a call to say the doctor had reviewed his heart ECG and they felt he should be referred to a cardiologist. Initially, the cardiologist didn’t seem too concerned but said he would do another ECG to be certain.

As soon as he received the results his manner changed and he became very serious. We were told to go home and for Jack to pack a bag. The cardiologist rang through to the hospital to reserve a bed and Jack was to undergo further tests.

Once we had got to the hospital we spent the whole day waiting for various tests to happen. It was exhausting. Jack finally went for an angiogram in the evening and returned to be told his main artery was around 90-95% blocked and he needed surgery as soon as they could schedule it or he faced having a fatal heart attack.

Terrified doesn’t come close to describing how I felt in that moment.

Surgery was scheduled for a few days later so I had the task to try and maintain a positive outlook for both Jack and myself over those few days. I can still recall the tense atmosphere as he waited on the coronary care ward surrounded by other patients suffering heart attacks and malfunctioning pacemakers.

My only thought was to talk to Jack about all the things we still planned for the future and the life we still had to live to keep him as buoyant as possible before his surgery.

That time is still a blur and the most frightened I have ever felt but Jack made it through. He spent a few months recovering physically and is still recovering mentally but slowly life returned to some sort of normality.


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