A path less well trodden

I began to research adoption as a possible option for us. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy route to take but the more I read about it, the more I became interested.

All of a sudden I was experiencing that phenomenon where after thinking about adoption everywhere I went I would notice adverts calling out for prospective adopters.

One late summer evening, as we were sitting out in our garden I decided to run the idea past Jack. As I began to talk he poured himself a large glass of wine and listened to what I had to say. Once I had finished, he thought about it some more and said, “Let’s look into it.”

It was a major turning point as suddenly we had something new to focus on.

I made contact with our local Adoption Team to get some more information and they sent a couple of social workers to meet with us. From then on we found ourselves in a whirlwind of activity. There had been a focus by the government on adoption and the process had been speeded up in order to try and get more children out of care and into permanent homes.

It took us only 4 months to be approved as adopters. In that time we:

  • completed numerous forms
  • had 7 x 2-hourly joint interviews with our social worker and one individual interview each
  • underwent medicals
  • found 3 friends willing to provide written references and to be interviewed in person
  • participated in a number of training sessions
  • spent our spare time babysitting friends’ children to show we had experience of childcare
  • had a final interview by a panel of 12 people who then (thankfully) approved us

Following the months of focus on the approval process, we returned to the position of once more having to wait. However, at this time there was an air of anticipation as we knew at any point we might get an email or call to say there might be a child that we could be matched with.


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